Approvals Bodies & Ofcom

The Metering & Billing Approval Bodies’ Forum comprises Ofcom and the following three organisations:

British Standards Institution (BSI)

Enigma QPM


They have been appointed by Ofcom to assess Communications Providers for the accuracy of their Total Metering and Billing Systems.

The Approval Bodies will have the following additional specific functions:

  • To carry out and notify Ofcom of CPs seeking and gaining approval under the Direction
  • Using their expertise acquired through its proximity to the workings of the sector, to make recommendations to inform Ofcom’s policy making with regard to the Direction
  • To ensure mechanisms are in place for adjudication of suspected breaches of the Direction;
  • To ensure effective governance exists between the Approval Bodies and provides for delivering consistency of approach and of decision-making as appropriateo To maintain and publish a list of anonymised issues raised in AB audits to further assist compliance to the Direction and share common solutions to identified risks to benefit CPs
  • To ensure Ofcom is regularly updated through quarterly meetings (or more frequently if required) on the monitoring of CP’s TMBSs to ensure consistent application of the Direction To chair six monthly meetings of the open Meeting and Billing Approval Body Forum (MABABF) meetings with industry stakeholders in relation to metering and billing matters